Affordable Drug Rehabs in Texas

Affordable Drug Rehab in Texas

One of the most difficult parts about finding a successful rehab program in Texas is the cost. There are ways to make drug rehab more affordable, and while the average cost may be close to ten thousand dollars per month, there are some long-term programs that are very effective yet less than that on a monthly basis.

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Ways to Make Rehab More Affordable in Texas

Of course the term "affordable" has a relative definition, due to various economic factors, but looking at the high end of rehab costs vs. the low-end then there is a medium range that seems more affordable than most private-pay rehabs.

Today there are many ways to make a drug rehab in Texas more affordable. Most treatment centers offer some type of payment plans, rather than having to pay the full amount up front. There are also several medical loan financing companies that can help spread the payments out over a longer period of time, which makes it more affordable on a monthly basis.

Sometimes rehabs have partial scholarships available because most are still non-profit facilities. This may help defray a significant portion of the cost for a certain number of beds each year. While scholarship beds may have waiting lists, they are still typically shorter than waiting for a free bed opening up in a facility run by the state of Texas, and in many cases will provide better treatment as well.

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