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With more than a million people in the Austin metropolitan area, tens of thousands of people are seeking rehabilitation help for drugs or alcohol. The capital of Texas and home to the University of Texas is in serious need of effective drug rehabs.

As of November 22, 2006, there were 2 drug courts in Austin that had been operating for more than two years and 1 drug court that was being planned at that time.

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Austin Drug Rehab Information

There were 4,093 total drug arrests in Travis County/ Austin area during 2004. As of January 2007, the Austin Crime Stoppers had cleared 9,777 cases, 588 of which were narcotic cases. Additionally, the Austin Crime Stoppers also recovered $22,398,093 worth of narcotics.

Cocaine continues to be readily available and an ounce of powder cocaine costs $500-$600/ounce in Austin. Crack cocaine is reported to be plentiful, however, the quality of crack cocaine in Austin is low since it is being cut and recut with baking soda. An ounce of crack cocaine sells for $400-$600/ounce in Austin.

In Austin, shooting galleries in the Montopolis area are reported to have disappeared as long-term users have either died, are in prison or have moved out of the area to avoid harassment from the police. Despite this, heroin is plentiful in the Montopolis area and three to four balloons of good quality heroin sell for $25 or less. Additional intelligence indicates that both black tar and Mexican brown heroin sell for $1,400-$1,600/ounce in Austin.

Recent intelligence indicates that prices for hydroponic marijuana in Austin are between $3,000-$4,000/pound. Commercial grade marijuana sells for $350-$450/pound in Austin.

The methamphetamine in the Austin area is reported to be coming in from surrounding Bastrop, Caldwell and Hays Counties. It is being sold for $90 per gram, and methamphetamine users are reported to be centered in Williamson County and North Austin. Further data indicates that crystal methamphetamine costs $500-$1,000/ounce in Austin.

Ecstasy is available in downtown Austin nightclubs and its use remains stable. The primary source for the drug is Canada, but ecstasy also comes into the area from Mexico. Further data indicates that a dosage unit of LSD costs between $5 to $7 in Austin.

“Cheese” or “starter heroin” is a combination of heroin and ground up cold medicine containing acetaminophen and diphenhydramine. This mixture was found at several Dallas middle and high schools in 2006.

The DEA reports that there are numerous clandestine methamphetamine labs operating in Austin. Most of these labs are small, mobile pseudoephedrine labs that produce small amounts for distribution in the local area.

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