Drug Rehab Centers in Texas

Drug Rehab in Texas

Despite having hundreds of drug rehabs in the state of Texas, finding a successful rehabilitation program can sometimes be difficult. One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a rehab center is results, followed by method of treatment, length of time, cost and location

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Texas Drug Rehab Methods

The most successful type of rehabilitation program available in Texas is something ccalled a biophysical rehab. This is the only type of program in the state that is holistic in nature and addresses the physical aspects of addiction as well as the mental and emotional components through effective education and counseling practices. This is a non-12-step approach that doesn't subscribe to the disease theory of addiction.

The most common type of rehab in Texas is the tradional 12-step modality. This program has helped save millions of lives over the years, but has been heavily focused in the last decade on telling people that addiction is an incurable brain disease and that relapse is a part of recovery. Most 12-step programs also don't have a method of dealing with the physical symptoms left over after withdrawal. While many centers do have individual counseling sessions, much of the program is conducted in groups instead.

There are a few locations that are religious-based facilities, such as Christian faith-oriented programs. These are often farm-like settings where a lot of prayer, worship, scripture and hard work typically replace other types of counseling practices.

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