Long-Term Rehabs in Texas

Long-Term Drug Rehab in Texas

It's no secret that longer-term drug rehab programs in Texas generally produce better results when compared to 30-day facilities. This is the main reason why we advocate for programs that are in the 90-day range or more, preferably something that is open-ended with no set time limit that dictates when someone finishes instead of being committed to the end result no matter how long that takes.

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Why Long-Term Drug Rehab?

Typical rehab programs in Texas are only about a month long, but statistics have proven time and again that facilities that are longer than one month usually have higher success rates.

There are a few reasons for this. One of them is that when someone withdraws from drugs it can take their bodies several weeks, or longer, to start to feel better on their own. Having proper rest and nutrition can help speed this process up. Another reason is that people need time to begin to change their habits, routines, and thought patterns. Otherwise, they do well while in the rehab but when they go home they fall right back into the same grind.

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